yesterday and the BIG doctors appointment

Abbie is going into middle school and with that comes the physical and a few boosters.  I remember this appointment with my boys, most likely the last appointment with my boys as they don’t want me in the room any more but anyway, Abbie was a nervous wreck.  I think as we all get older fears creep in stronger and she used to be my warrior doctor child, she took shots like a pro.  I know this probably isn’t exactly right but I used to tell her as she was smaller that girls don’t get sick.  I rarely get sick and she has not seen me sick hardly at all so I thought if I told her girls don’t get sick she would live it.  Okay so I was wrong because when she did finally get sick and have to throw up one summer a few years back, she looked at me like “what in the world is going on here?”  She threw up as easy as she took a shot, like hucked it out and then she was done, no crying, no fussing, she just did it.  That too has changed with her age.  I wonder why we let fear creep in the older we become, how we doubt and how we fuss?  If we could grow older and wiser and keep our childlike wonder how amazing that would be? However, I believe we are built this way so we can lean on someone or something.  My someone or something is God. It just feels so right for me.  The appointment went smooth, it wasn’t as bad as she had worked it up to be and it helped that her cousin was there in the room and right by her side in fact as Abbie got a little rattled at one point, Laynie suggested that we pray so we all held hands tight and I said a little prayer.  It truly helped, like a big sigh of relief, “it’s all going to be better now”  After the appointment we hit up our favorite candy store and the girls picked out a candy.  We then went to a really awesome used book store in up town.  They sat with their candy and I roamed the cooking section.

photo (1)I like how they took their shoes off and stayed a while.

photo (2)She caught me

I found a really cool book that I ended up buying called Vegan Freak.  You see my first born only eats fish, no other type of meat, it’s called a pescetarian, he doesn’t want to give up on sushi but his girl whom he has been dating over two years is a vegan.  When they first started dating she was a vegetarian.  Maddy has had this lifestyle of no meat since she was 10 years old, maybe even 9, I can’t exactly remember.  She had seen a film and it stuck and she made a choice and she has NOT turned back and I know she never will.  I have noticed that when we have family gatherings sometimes she gets harassed a little, people wonder why she isn’t eating, they offer her things and she explains why she doesn’t want to eat them and without getting preachy and she still will get rolled eyes or weird looks.  It’s just not an easy life style, it’s not a prevalent one and so I would imagine that in itself would make it even more difficult to continue this way of life.  However she stays strong and because of her choices she has my first-born cutting out meat too….except fish.  This book so far is pretty informative, I had no idea how much animal product are in things I would never even imagine.  I’m learning and at the very least I have decided to participate in meatless Mondays.

veaganAbout the time we were leaving and after we were admiring the art all around the book store and picking our favorite pieces I little tiny feather came floating in!  It’s these little wonders that make me smile.  Like a little message from God.  This is how I take them,  So I of course had to take a picture with the tiny feather.

featThen I picked it up and put it in my purse and I had to laugh when my niece said “ewe, that’s gross”  I suppose to some it would be but I pick them up because they are pretty little reminders of the beautiful and amazing birds that are around us.  The ones fully taken care of, the ones without cares or worries.

Dinner was good and we had extra company at our table which is always nice, kids friends always welcome no matter what but it was a little hard to make dinner cause our kitchen sink has been backed up and while I worked on dinner making a really big mess, Rich was under our kitchen sink trying to unplug the drain.  Long story short.  The drain is still plugged, even the bathroom tub is backed up.  We did the dishes in the front yard because I couldn’t bare to let them sit in a pile and get all crusty and smelly.  I think sometimes I do have a little bit of OCD issues even though most think I’m a “free spirit” that things don’t bother me, I’m here to tell you.  They do.   Probably more than one could ever imagine.

photo (3)

Pablo is always looking at me, like “what on earth is going on?” and “when will you be sitting next to me?”

photo (4)The best part, Rich came and sat on the porch with his guitar and played for me while I washed.

Happy weekend and I leave you with my Sunflower, it’s growing!

sun flower