treeThis week so far I have held up my end of the bargain with “myself”  I told myself I wanted to walk every day this week and to increase my walk by one lap. (this bit of talk about deals with myself reminds me of the movie “Best in Show”  that’s just a side note off the subject)  Today is Thursday and so far so good.  Yesterday was even better because Mama bear joined me.  She kept me company on my first lap and my first lap was my most favorite lap, it went by very quickly.  On our lap we saw the slightest rainbow through a part in the clouds, it kept getting stronger the closer we got! (sorry no photo)  The next three laps I spent with my headphones on.  I can get lost in certain songs and mostly I get lost in the sky.  I kept thinking “I had better be careful or I may trip”  I was looking up more than down and I couldn’t get enough of the sky.  It was sprinkled with clouds and they shifted and changed with nearly every step.  I watched ity bitty airplanes fly through the air, my cell phone couldn’t capture what my eyes saw.  I watched birds fly through the air into really tall trees, carrying twigs in their beaks as they were building their spring nests. I’m realizing what a blessing it really is to fit in a walk each evening.  It’s not easy fitting it in either but this week has been good.

photoI took the top image and turned it to black and white and added some words

palmI love our California palms.  When three are in a row I think of my three children

pink ribbonThe image in the sky that got me most excited was as I was finishing my last lap, I looked up to see a cancer awareness ribbon in the sky.  I darkened this image so it can be more easily made out.    I showed a friend at work and she spotted a heart too. It’s in the light part of the sky, so it was a double bonus!  I actually began to run towards it to see where my best angle would be.  Running up the side of a hill, “no”  it was when I stood between my in-laws home and my neighbor’s house that I saw the ribbon best. I felt blessed yesterday.

What do you see on your walks.  Maybe you will share a story with me or an image?  I would love to know.   Or if you have been stuck inside maybe step out and tell me what you find.  There are miracles and messages all around us.  We just need to keep our eyes open.   Try not to trip though!

A week of adventurous meals

photo (2)

I like shopping with this guy, he doesn’t even mind if I take pictures of our feet

I decided to pull out last years Everyday Food (summer special) this is the cutest, tiniest magazine.  A Martha Stewart publication and it’s pretty awesome.  My sweet Mama got me the subscription last year just cause.  She does that every so often because we both share a HUGE love of magazines.  I got my love of magazines from her, I’m pretty sure of it.  I grew up surrounded by stacks of them.  I often want to at least try one thing from certain magazines so it’s worth my while.  This time I tried a section called “Five Great Meals One Quick Trip”  the title reeled me straight in.  It included a shopping list and showed pictures of each meal.  I LOVE the pictures.  I reviewed the meals with Rich and Dylan (because they were the two around) and they were up for it!

Rich and I decided to run to Trader Joes and Vons to pick up all the ingredients for the entire week, Monday thru Friday.  This means I will be cooking every night this week and new, very different things from what I normally cook.  The menu is as follows:

photo (1)

 We cruised the yellow bug and loaded the back with GOOD FOOD

Mon:  Broiled Fish with Summer Salad

Tues:  Pork with Mozzarella and Tomato

Wed:  Grilled Steak and Vegetables

Thurs:  Zesty Pork Sandwiches

Fri:  Corn Chowder with Zucchini and Orzo

The grocery cost for all the ingredients was 87.06, this is for a family of 5 (we bought a little extra because all these meals were for serving size 4)  This averages out to 17.41 a meal and 3.48 a person.  I didn’t say it was cheap but it’s not too expensive for good food.  We have been severely tight in the past and I have been able to feed our family for like 99 cents a person but usually not the most nutritious meals.

photo (3)

Missing two cucumbers, cause I forgot to add them to table but I did buy them

I will take pictures of each meal and try and update throughout the week, if anyone cares (lol)  I like pictures so I think that’s important.  Plus I will tell you if it’s a thumbs up or down according to the family vote.

I wish you a good week, I wish you a healthy week, I hope you get to get out and move a little, go for a walk or something good for you, good for your body.  I’m set, I’m ready, I have not lost any weight really, in fact it’s that time of the month AGAIN.  I’m hopeful though and I feel better, my mental state feels better and I know it’s because I’m moving more.  I’m being much more intentional and I already have set a prize in sight after I lose my first 10 pounds.  It will be a LOVE t-shirt from my friend Lilly’s shop.  I  did decide to order some Herbalife, just one shake a day for breakfast, which will benefit me greatly since often I skip breakfast entirely. I even found an article Dr. Oz wrote about how beneficial a morning meal replacement shake can be for us non breakfast eaters.   The rest is up to me as far as making good choices for the rest of the day and fitting in healthy snacks between meals.