Red says, dare to be different

Red is bold

Red says look at me!

I was born a redhead

I have my own peeps you know

Anyone who has red hair

They are my peeps

We are our own breed

We must stick together

We have to


At times the world can be kind of mean

Kick a ginger

I’d rather be dead than red on the head

Carrot top

I used to work in a book store

A man would frequent the store

He called me Pippi

I would get so MAD

But now…I embrace

She is my official mascot

She is strong

She is bold

She is unique

She has no fear

She is adventurous

So the guy was paying me a compliment

I just had no idea at the time

I had a chip on my shoulder

Because often being a red-head was a negative thing

How about this one

“Red headed step child”

Which technically is true in my case.

But none the less…

These days it’s a blessing

People tell me they like it

People grew up

Kids pick on kids who are different

I was usually the only redhead in a group of children

Just one

occasionally I would find a fellow peep…

Instant bond


6 thoughts on “red

    1. That’s my Pablo. Saved from the streets literally. The kids spent one rainy day trying to capture him a stray little dog. After over an hour, he would only go to littlest and only girl and was very much a girls dog, mine or hers. He just within the last few months started warming up to motorcycle man. He reminds us of a baby deer. I want to see your shorty.

  1. I love the gorgeous selection of your reds my beautiful friend. They are all so you. I’m very proud to know this amazing redhead. 🙂 Oh and I love this little quote:
    “Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead” – Lucille Ball

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