“Something in the kitchen that brings you joy”  It didn’t take very long for me to immediately think of my littlest and only girl.  She LOVES being in the kitchen next to me.  And my boys, they did too when they were little but I believe her love will last longer.  She lights up when I say, “lets bake cookies, or a cake”  She really is a little baker.  She prefers to bake over helping with dinner, although she is also a big help when it comes to dinner preparations.

My images are really just so/so today.  I’m feeling under the weather but I didn’t want to let my partner down, Christina who will be showing us her kitchen thing that brings her joy over at 22limes.   

I again worked on keeping my settings on manual and it’s much more difficult capturing moments as they naturally unfold so far because I’m not as quick as I can be twirling that dial to make it just right.  Lots to think about but I’m sure with practice just like everything else it will become easier.

She always seems to spill just a tiny bit of flour and somewhere in the archives I have smaller chubbier feet in a similar predicament.

IMG_0219 2


7 thoughts on “Preparations

  1. Yeah! Proud of you for keeping up with your manual settings! Isn’t it a blessing when one of your kids take to a task like baking. All you have to do is ask for cookies, and like magic they appear. Great minds think alike, we both did black and white, ha ha. I love that you captured her feet with the flour spill! Get better soon my friend!

  2. Really like that top photo—the perspective is spot on!
    And Manual really isn’t all that scary, is it? ; )
    Hope you feel better soon!

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