Kodak Colorburst 100 Instant goodness

FullSizeRenderMy brother found this camera and mailed it to me this week.  I’m so excited.  Everyone loves an instant camera right?  I mean I have the new version that prints out tiny sweet prints and I love it.  When I was around Abbie’s age I had my own Polaroid, the cute white one with a rainbow on it.  Well I have been doing some research but not heavily and I see that Impossible film is available but it only seems to come for Polaroid instant models and not Kodak:(  Unless I’m wrong.  This may just be another decoration for my fireplace mantle which is still pretty awesome but I was really hoping I could shoot it.  I think I need to go on a field trip and find a really nice old camera shop.  I have visited two camera shops locally that even sell old cameras but they are not into the movement and don’t even have advice on where I can get things.  If I just had more time and resources.  I have yet to shoot my mom’s first brownie camera because I need a second spool.  I could probably find one on-line but I haven’t really looked yet.  Maybe, just maybe in 2015 I can do more with old cameras.  I have plenty of friends who shoot old brilliant cameras and I wouldn’t mind going back in time too.   http://youtu.be/eCWxIBNDAkk

One thought on “Kodak Colorburst 100 Instant goodness

  1. I keep looking for something like this. Your brother is such a great guy! Although I know you must be the very best sister ever! Can’t wait to see more magic. xoox

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