littlest and only teenaged girl

Abbie arrives

It did happen over night you know.  She went from the tiniest little girl and next thing I knew….she was a teenager.  My youngest, my littlest and only girl is officially 13 as of 8:15 p.m. last night.  This Sunday’s  film will be about her birthday.  We celebrated by going to breakfast as a family, then she had another party to attend, another March 8th baby.

2006 Abbie

I wanted to make her 13th day special so while she was at the other party I filled up balloons for her room and each of us in the family wrote her 5 notes and stuck them inside the balloons.  she got her ballet shoes so she can dance like she loves  and we finished our night with sushi.  It was a good day.  A really good day.  I think what meant a whole lot to Abbie was, that her oldest brother made sure to be a part of breakfast and dinner.

daddy and abbie

abbie dance

The strange part about being thirteen is, she woke up like an instant teenager.  She was grumpy and silent all the way to school.  I suppose the time change might have something to do with it too.  I know I don’t want to go to bed at night and I sure don’t want to get up in the morning.  It gets me for the first week or so.  Looking forward to the longer feeling days though.


She is a darling young woman, she has the sweet gene.  She has a tender heart, she is meek, she is mild, she is fun, she is silly, she is quiet, she is humble, she has joy in her heart and she loves Jesus with her entire being.  In so many ways she is a reflection of myself.  I watch her and it’s like I’m watching myself grow up again.  She and I have so many similarities it’s crazy.  She has a blend of me and Rich.  She looks an awful lot like her daddy but sometimes she looks like me too.  Mostly…her handsome daddy though.  She is a gift to us, a blessing and I’m ready.  I’m ready for this next phase.  The little phase was tremendous but we must solider on…move forward and face the future.

9 thoughts on “littlest and only teenaged girl

  1. Hello Friend, I can defiantly see you and Motorcycle man in her!! The notes were a sweet addition to the balloons what a thoughtful thing to do 🙂 She is & has always been very adorable but she is 100% woman!! I will be praying for you two during this next phase of her life, I know you know to hold on to each moment cuz next you guys will be walking her down the isle (if that’s what she chooses) Love you. ps first picture super cute of Dman with his hand on her tiny head, I bet you were so happy this day!

  2. Happy Birthday Abbie! So special, love getting to see your throw back pictures. Do you have one of you when you were pregnant with her? Love that you all got to celebrate as a family, that is the best! I definitely could see you in the second picture of Abbie. So sweet to see your young family!

  3. Happy Birthday beautiful Abbie!! 🙂 I see you both, yes your hubby, but both of you. And her brothers. I loved the balloons photo on FB – I bet she loved them. I so can’t wait to see your video of her birthday when it comes. I almost got a bit teary at the end. The little phase over, but we soldier on into young adulthood with them. Bittersweet. xo

  4. You are such a great mom. What a wonderful surprise waiting inside those balloons. My baby is 27! How did that happen. Give Abbie a birthday hug from Canada. Enjoy the next part…it too, will pass all too quickly. Xoxoxox

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