Vegetarian meal and Pinterest FAIL

photo (7)prepped and ready to go 

I will begin with Pinterest FAIL.  I love Pinterest a ton but I don’t spend a lot of days on there but when I do pick a day, I can spend an hour or so, then I cut myself off.  I ADORE all things that involve lighting.  I have a folder just for lighting.  This little idea caught my eye because I figured I could do it for cheap.  Meaning 99 Cent store cheap.  It involved two things.  Balloons and glow sticks.  The idea was to create floating light spheres on top of our pool.  Neat idea.   I had to try.  Seemed so easy too.

Suppose to look like this (see below)


 This is what it looked like instead.  (see below)

photo (2)

  My oldest son had a suggestion, use more of an opaque balloon, and it may turn out better, plus maybe a thicker glow stick.  We used the ones that can be worn as a necklace.  It was easy.  yes.  but if we try again we will change it up as Austin suggested.

so Easy an 11-year-old can help:)

photo (3)

They looked a little prettier as the sun was just going down photo (1)


photo (5)

Me and Aus

Then the vegetarian Meal portion of this post.  My first born gave up meat a long while ago.  He isn’t really a vegetarian, he is more of a pescatarian, which means he still eats fish and he can’t find it in his heart to give up sushi.  We had been watching a cooking show together and we were getting hungry.  He said it would be nice to cook a meal together and also used some things from the garden.  We had good old zucchini and also we were able to use the onion tops as the chives we needed.  I decided it would be very nice to cook a vegetarian meal together, a meal for the entire family to enjoy.  Austin wanted to make fried zucchini with a creamy spicy dip and I made a pasta sauce with mushrooms, zucchini and shallots.  His dip also included sour cream, chives, shallots, buttermilk, cayenne pepper and hot sauce.  We also roasted asparagus, mushrooms, greek olives, artichoke hearts.

photo (4)

His fried zucchini turned out very yummy 

photo (1)It was just a fun night.  Adri stopped over and stayed a while, even ate our final product.  We listened to Pandora, Simon and Garfunkel station and enjoyed each others company.  Austin is really fun to cook with and I’m hoping we can make at least one vegetarian meal together a week.

disclaimer.  All photo’s with iphone in sort of low light setting.  I don’t like the quality but I do love the moments captured.

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