I didn’t like the neighborhood I live in….but I do now

“Yesterday I found her among one of my hydrangeas. I sang the ladybug song to her as Basil watched, wondering what I was doing. Oh and he has hidden his turtle again, so all is well in the world ” CATHY SLY   she held a lady bug as she shared these words.

My friend Cathy always begins her blog post with a really, really great quote and I love how she has this consistency to her blog.  I also happen to love her.  She is one of those people I look up to.  She is very talented with her words and pictures and I love her outlook on life.  So the other day when I blogged about my health challenge I opened up with a quote from another friend of mine Linda and I think I have decided to honor the women in my life by sharing their words which are relevant to the now and I happen to think they have really great words to share.  I can’t wait to begin sharing quotes and other blogs I love in this way.

Yesterday I went for a walk.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  The temperature was just right, the breeze was soft, the sun was golden and I tried to keep my eyes wide open while I walked around the school.  The same walk , I walk over and over and it’s not very exciting you see.  But the last two walks I tell myself, maybe I will find a feather because finding my hearts are a given but finding feathers is a rare treasure but the last two walks I have happened upon feathers.  Yesterday in fact I found a feather with a heart.  I have found these kinds of feathers before but not on my walk.  My sort of boring walk I do.  Then I realized after also recently reading an article in Bella Grace about loving were we live.  And it’s so true, we need to love exactly where we are. feather heart

I didn’t choose this house per say.  It was a gift.  It was offered to us at a great price.  We knew it would be a lot of hard word but we also thought we may never own a house had we not taken up this offer that was given to us.  So we took it.  I never wanted to live in this city, I wanted to live in the city I grew up in.  I didn’t want to live in a 1950’s house without a big front porch or fireplace (we put in a fireplace).  I didn’t want a green bath tub (we put in a big white deep one) I didn’t want holes in nearly every wall (so we fixed them) broken doors and windows (all replaced every last one) I didn’t want a house full of dead cockroaches (thankfully that’s no longer the case).  I just didn’t want it.  Although I was grateful I thought I would be gone from here by now.  It was supposed to be a five-year plan and here we are ready to enter our 16th year.  I sure didn’t want power lines and traffic behind my house.  I didn’t want it.  But it’s what I got.  So in the spirit of loving exactly where I am I share our view.  Pictures from last nights sunset and I purposely kept the power lines in the background because guess what?  I truly, truly have learned to love them.  They are my view and they are like art.  They really are, all the lines above me, it’s like just like art and I love it now.  I have also described my traffic noise like crashing waves, its now what I know, it’s what comforts me and I have grown to love it.




Besides finding a feather on my walk WITH a HEART, the other hi-light was the smiling blond boy in his stroller who widely grinned and told me hello as he waved.  So naturally I smiled wide and said my hello back with a big wave, he was tickled but I think I was tickled more.


Hope Monday has been good.  I’m about ready to take another walk around my 1950’s neighborhood, which I have honestly grown to love.   I love how time and wisdom can change a mind.

Much love  and may you find feathers and hearts and smiley faces on your walks and the smell fresh-cut grass and laundry and your neighbors cooking dinner, these are the things that make my walks worth while. 

13 thoughts on “I didn’t like the neighborhood I live in….but I do now

  1. I understand and I get this – it’s important. My house was a starter too- only meant to be here for about 5 years. I would leave it for a different model were it not for the neighborhood, which we have come love – the school, the park, the trails, but mostly and most irreplaceably, the neighbors. I can’t imagine moving now, though I always thought I’d live in an older house like the one I grew up in. I love the way you’ve come to find the sweetness in what you first saw as flaws.

    1. I wouldn’t leave at this point either, the kids are so settled and we have the best neighbors and neighborhood. People still sit out front and visit, lots of walkers and I have a feeling of comfort here now. Being content has been a journey though but I realize now that I wasted so much time wishing for other things and now that I have figured out how to love where I am, I felt like it was a waste of time all that wishing.

  2. YOU taught me to love the power lines in my photos. I remember complaining once about how they ruined a photo I put on Flickr and you told me they made the photo what it was. Guess what, I really love the power lines in my photos now. Especially my sunsets. YOU did that. And I didn’t like our neighbourhood, for a long time, but I have grown to love our space and our neighbours too. Love you and your wonderful inspirational messages to each of us. 🙂 xo
    Oh, and guess what… we have been our house 16 years this year too. This is getting spooky Miss Tracie.

    1. It is spooky isn’t it. I wonder what other threads will connect us in this life. It’s so interesting how it all works. I feel so honored for you to give me credit for loving the power lines. It sure took me a while to get that. I would see other photo’s of landscapes that spanned and trees, and lakes and open-ness and I would dream of that. Comparing can be so dangerous. I’m thinking getting older helps me to appreciate where I am now. Still a struggle though, not going to lie, I still sort of dream of a big wooden front porch and a swimming pool.

  3. I’ll be honest, I’ve heard you complain about the power lines, but they’ve never bothered me – I’ve always lived in the suburbs, but power lines are a way of life. Driving down the interstate it is always fun to hit the shadow of each one, and when there are no other cars on the road, well, Mr. T used to love it when I’d drive along the shadow of the lines and up and down we’d go!

    So, I’m glad that you have come to love the area you live and are seeing it with fresh eyes! I found a feather this morning and thought of you! But most frequently I find money. I make anywhere from one cent to twelve or fifteen during my morning walks and runs!

    1. You are always so wise with your thoughts and words. I’m glad I finally got it too. Now you have me thinking about money …I wonder if I might find a few coins on my walks. If I do, I’ll be thinking of you Kate! Which leads me to the trick motorcycle man does…we have about 5 coins glued to our sidewalk front, he likes to watch people bend down and try to pick them up. We live across from a school so we get lots of foot traffic, it’s a silly trick but we giggle when we see it happen. I mean I giggle not motorcycle man, he probably just grins.

      1. Oh now, that’s just mean!! I always find and take the pennies as they are from my great grandmother. My grandmother sends me nickels. The dimes and quarters (which are rare) and gifts from God 🙂
        I bet you find something on your next walk and know I’m thinking of you!

  4. First off you are so sweet to mention me in your post today. I feel so honored! You are so, so kind! And, 29 years ago my hubby got a new job, we could not sell our home in Eastern Washington, so we bought something that would get us by until it sold, then we would upgrade! Ha! we are still here and it is home and you know what, it is just where I want to be. And yes, walk treasures are the best, I have bowls of them around our old house! xooxo

  5. Wonderful! I loved reading this. I’ve been shooting for a rural electric magazine for a while now and have forced myself to see power lines in a whole new light. I told the client, “photographers want to avoid power lines and now you want me to include them in my shots?!” But you know, they are a fact of life and are just about everywhere. And they are art. 🙂
    Anyway, wonderful post. I enjoy your writing and your images.

  6. The difference between a house and a home is the love and memories shared. You have created a home. My God bless it always.

  7. It’s so weird that I, too have just been finding feathers EVERYWHERE since I returned to SoCal 2 weeks ago. I walk every morning, have been for around 8 months now and NEVER, not ONCE had I found one here in California on my walks until 2 weeks ago when I returned from a summer away (where I found feathers everywhere as well). Whatever the phenomena, I get it. Totally!

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