I’m back – Now Let’s Do This!

Be kind to yourself, be patient, you will find your answers. Love who you are right now—even if right now isn’t a place you want to be—you will always be you—start to appreciate yourself! You will feel so much better! And do not compare yourself to others. You are on your own special road. Be well my fellow travelers and know your path is a good one.”  –LINDA SILVA PALLESCHI-

Hello friends and family!  I’m back.  I’m back on the healthy train.  You see I can be totally honest here because why not!  On January 1st I proclaimed good and balanced health!  My feet were hurting, I was struggling with depression and had lazy syndrome.  So I began to drink more water, walk more and cut out some of the crap.  I wasn’t trying to be a super model or anything (clearly that is not the case) But I was trying to get my feet to stop hurting and my mood to improve and my life style to reflect a healthy example for my one and only girl.  However I know I’m not alone in the struggles to KEEP IT UP. I think I lasted until around my birthday which is in May.  And mind you the weight coming off wasn’t a huge amount during that time.  I started at 180 and I got down to 170 or so.  So it took me nearly half a year to lose just 10 pounds but it felt like more because I was walking with intention and my inches went down and I began to feel better and I didn’t want to come home each day from work and sit in my dark room, or lay on my bed and do NOTHING.  Because folks this is what I often do.  I come home, feel overwhelmed and just go into my bedroom and lay on the bed, close my eyes and try to ignore my to-do-list.  Then about the time motorcycle man is ready to come home I may hop up, make our bed, vacuum some floors and do the dishes.  Then make all sorts of excuses as to why I feel like NOT walking.

Last week my friend Shauna texted me.  “Do you want to join the Body, Mind and Spirit Challenge?”  She had done this once already with great success and said it was really easy because it was real life stuff and not only did her challenge include making better food choices it included a spiritual aspect, spending time in the word with prayer and meditation it also included paying it forward in a sense, doing good deeds for strangers and of course daily exercise.   All the good stuff she did added up to points so she had a goal to acquire her points each day, she was on a team and didn’t want to let the team down but in doing this challenge she realized it made a huge difference in her life.  She is no longer in a size 10 pants and she figured out how to squeeze in exercise to feel better.  She will be handing those down to me when I get out of my size 12 which I’m totally excited to get some jeans out of this deal.

Actually in the images I’m about to share I’m wearing my size 10 pants, which I can zip up AND button but I should not be wearing in public.  They don’t quite look so great nor do they feel that great.  But I decided I would wear them for all my pictures.  You know when your pants get tight and they sort of begin to flood up.  This is how I feel in these pants,  plus because they are sort of low-rise, my butt crack easily shows when I sit down and my muffin top spills out over the top…DOES NOT FEEL GOOD.


I’m not embraced to say I’m starting today at 177, my hips are a nice curvy 43-1/2″  my waist is 37-1/2″ my bust which seems so dang busty is at 41″  I was always really flat growing up and even when I got married had to pad my bra so after kids they bursted into melons and wow, it’s just a trip because I never ever thought they would get like this.  For me they seem big.  okay so onto the right arm at 12″ and the right thigh at 22″.  And when I look at these pictures I’m about to share again I actually don’t  think I look so bad.  However I have that little depression back and the lazy syndrome but my feet don’t hurt anymore so that’s good.  Plus the muffin top, that just feels uncomfortable in clothes.  It makes it so I don’t even want to try clothes on actually.


IMG_7913I always feel such great support and cheer from the readers of my blog.  I thrive on community and encouragement from people.  It’s just how I seem to do best.  So this challenge seems like a right fit, a good life style.  It’s for 8 weeks and we will see if my body transforms in that time.  My biggest hope is that my spirit improves that I will be more productive in my life after work and not so lazy.  Plus constantly striving to be a better example to my girl and in lots of ways in her speech at least I feel some of it sinks in when she uses words like, “I just want to be healthy” or when she draws pictures of us together and writes the words “walking together miles and miles to get healthy”  Which reminds me, our shared blog Life in the 7 Cea’s has also taken a back seat.  Maybe we can rev that up again too.


I know this is so much to read and sorry about that but I will finish with this.  Today I feel empowered because although I can beat myself up over and over about how I have failed so many times, there will never be success unless I just keep trying again and again again.  Never give up.  So I try and I don’t give up and that is when battles are won and success begins to happen.  Because it WILL happen if we just keep at it.  I know so many of you women can agree with me and are nodding your heads up and down.  And if you feel like reading more please visit Mortal Muses Guest Spot with my friend LINDA SILVA PALLESCHI    post about a really neat lady I have been gifted to know through photographs and personal email exchanges and I admire her greatly and when I read her truth I’m also inspired because I feel just like her about myself.  Just like her!

13 thoughts on “I’m back – Now Let’s Do This!

  1. Tracie, Love the post, the photos and the sentiment that “your path is a good one.” I gained weight earlier this year and the path I am in to drop it is one of loving myself, all of me, no matter what. I’ve had to constantly remind myself that this health journey is that, a journey and not a destination. I enjoy following your story. As always, thanks for sharing and being so honest. I hope the Challenge is fun, encouraging and successful in just the way you need it to be. The group aspect of exercise and diet works well for me too, it’s why I do crossfit and dance, I need the community! Love to you my friend!

  2. I read Linda’s blog. I really enjoyed it….. So honest.

    I love your new picture double exposure! Also wanted to let you know that the last blog showing your legs is awesome! They are looking SOOOO GOOD TRACIE.


    “Sometimes the smallest things take the most room in your heart.”

  3. Tracie, you look great. My commitment to fitness ebbs and flows too. It’s hard! I’ve adapted several tricks to keep myself active…I’ll share them with you any time!

  4. I love this! I feel the same…good, healthy days & then some not so good ones, but in general I’m on the right track. It seems to be a never ending battle of the bulge. Keep up your efforts, you totally inspire me!

  5. To the one my mind, heart & soul loves……& needs:
    I just want to hug you & this Linda of yours, give her love & precious gifts, i will keep her & you close in my thoughts & prayers. Thank u for sharing, you ARE such a brave soul!! so many layers, and Damn those voice damn them!!! the scales are off my eyes & i can clearly see they are lies, now comes the long, hard but much needed part of reprograming, learning how to recognized & accept love, to know it, feel it, cement it! You are a great example to your girl & to me, you shine so much, your love is so genuine & real. You can do this and so much more! So glad to be a part in your journey….”to love ourselves is to know we are loved.”

  6. Hello lovely you. I love these photos and everything… I mean everything about this is me right now too. I’m a little down and feeling super lazy. And it doesn’t feel good. You are so inspiring and I am smiling big time at the 2nd last photo where your pup is showing his bum in the photo too! 🙂 It’s kind of like “I’m here mum, supporting you too”. Our 7 Ceas has made me sad too because I miss it and you guys. Thanks for this wonderful post. You are wonderful. Really, you are. xo

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