10:00 a.m. the hours

I submitted my 10:00 a.m. this past week and since I couldn’t decide I let Kirstin make the choice for me.  This way when Sunday came, I was not only surprised by the new live submissions but my very own as well. She choose the image below.

Tracie West LA 10 am B.jpgYou see I decided that my images would be about what I’m most often doing during that particular hour.  Since I work M-F in an office and part of my day is here, then that is what I choose to share.  I nearly broke my own rules this month because since I’m in accounting and all I was thinking my rules would be in quarters and the first quarter would be black and white and include humans, while the second quarter could be in color and maybe not include humans.  As it turns out….I stuck to my original rule.  Below was option two.

tracie los angeles 10 a.m.Let me remind you that taking images while at work is tricky business.  I don’t have a door just a really big opening and I get nervous when I set my timer and the shutter snaps!  like super nervous.  I’m always looking around before I do this but not always safe, people have walked past while I’m doing this.  Lucky they are glued to cell phones and paperwork and very rarely look my way to even say hello.  The last image is one that I “almost” submitted and I almost shifted my own rules for.  It’s a dogwood so I was told and  I though it was the prettiest tree with the most unusual and delicate flowers.



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