There was a scone on my desk! A chocolate chip One

I’m so happy its Friday. What working parent doesn’t look forward to the weekends? As perhaps most of my readers know, I’m part of a Body, Mind and Spirit challenge where I have been making really great choices now for four weeks. I have been drinking a ton of water, I exercise at least 30 minutes a day and include time in prayer, meditation and scripture reading, and each week we are given a bonus challenge. This week is was cleaning off a piled space, a cluttered drawer or cupboard. In four weeks I have lost a solid 4 pounds. So far this week nothing has shifted down. I have lost however 10 inches total when I measured myself last weekend. Mainly around the bust and hips area that nice hour-glass figure I maintain is getting just a little smaller in the hourglass. Just a smidgen.

photoGuess what I ate first?  The scone or the peach?

This morning when I got to work there was a scone on my desk. I was like “who put a delicious looking chocolate chip scone on my desk?” I asked everyone except the one person who put it on my desk. It was Mr. Dean our Vice President of Operations. His dear wife and family love this bakery in Huntington Beach, it’s called Lucci’s  and well this scone was delicious! Made at Lucci’s  picked up by Mrs. Dean and delivered to me by Mr. Dean. Of course I ate it. We don’t turn gifts away ever! Besides I get two (free) negative points a week and I don’t really ever use those 2 free points so why not? It was the BEST. Oh it was so good and it’s exactly the kind of scone I would have picked for myself because anything with chocolate chips is always better.

I will be beginning a Fall photo workshop that Tracey Clark  leads. I’m taking it alongside of a new friend of mine Christina who has a beautiful blog called 22 Limes   and what we have planned to do is post each Monday and Friday what our prompts may have been for the week. You will be able to see how our eyes see things differently even though we have been given the same exact prompt. It should be interesting and really lots of fun. I will give you a hint…our prompts involve the blessing in Autumn/Fall and since my fall will be so different than Christina’s fall it should be especially fun to see. I live in Southern California where she resides in South Dakota

See you Monday with my fall surprise! And don’t forgot to look for little miracles over the weekend.

4 thoughts on “There was a scone on my desk! A chocolate chip One

  1. I should have said it aloud but I was thinking “Tracie looks really good, I think she’s lost weight”. Too much fun as always with my moon peeps!

  2. In the early days, many moons ago, those Picture classes were running for the first time and it’s where I first met Cathy and Dotti and Nina. It was a magical time, we could not wait for the prompts. I’m happy to hear you and your friend are doing this class. Today is only 3 degrees here. I think that is about 40 ish F degrees? I forget the F degree system now but grew up with it. The scone looks delicious. I am up early to go to a kickboxing class. My first class in six years? Wow. And this is turning into a little letter to you! I just laughed softly. Fishboy is still sleeping. Yes, it is a letter. Okay, have a lovely weekend with your family. Your blog is a comfort zone to read and absorb. Lucky us, the readers.

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