Itchy legs and mid week meals

I wanted to first begin to share the little things in our very own garden that made me smile yesterday.


Our first red raspberry, not only did I smile, I yelled out with excitement.  “should I eat it now, should I let it get more juicy and red?”  

 The week has been pretty good.  Abbie has been going to Vacation Bible School with her cousin and a friend and having a blast.  Aunt Jenn has offered to take her each day and bring her home so this has been a blessing in our week.  Austin got his very first job on Monday and this news is outstanding!  Dylan decided to join me in my morning work outs on Monday’s and Friday’s. My back garden is giving us little gifts to eat and be amazed with.   I find that if I focus on the good things in my days that the little bad things seem very trivial.  Like Rich accidentally flinging chlorine on my dress and bleaching it out in spots, or the ants that began to invade the countertop, or how I wore my skirt inside out for hours without realizing it, or when there appeared to be another hole in the pool to be fixed, or the abundance of animal hair that seems to multiply even when I vacuum each day, not being able to find the hair brush and itchy legs, little irritating things like that, things that put a glitch in the day, making the day seem not so smooth but really truly when I focus on the bigger, better things it eases the impact of those little irritants.  They still exist but I don’t let them take control of my day and the direction the day is going.  I do have that choice.  Just so you know, it’s not easy and I do have weak, dark days when I DO let the little irritants take over those days are rough but this week, I have been able to focus mostly on the good.

The morning glories that are more of a weed in the way they take over things, but still I find them so very pretty and I love how it’s growing over a tiny tree planted by the birds.


The heart I spot when I’m admiring my very first red raspberry.


The “red zeppelin” onions I get to use in the nights meal.  Yes I bought them for their name!


The fresh zucchini we grew also for our nights meal.


The sunflowers that are growing at rapid speeds, I can’t wait for the flower to appear and again I will not just smile but I will make a big deal of it, I can’t help it.  It’s like this miracle before my very eyes.


And as I promised the meal verdict for last night’s meal from last summers magazine “Everyday Food” Last night was grilled steak and veggies.  All done on the B.Q. so no big mess to deal with.  Much more of a summer plan than the last two nights with the broiler on.  It called for skirt steak.  Sort of tough and chewy but I heard if it’s marinaded for a good long while it helps with the toughness.  Martha’s recipe didn’t call for a good long marinade.  So.  It was tough.  I was like “chew your meat really, really good kids”  Didn’t want a choking incident.  Again sort of learning what we may do different from how the recipes read.  I have a very difficult time following a recipe without doing something “my way” like the grilled veggies, they called for 3/4 fresh lemon juice and a dried thyme marinade. That’s it!  Seemed like an aweful lot of lemon to me but I realize the idea is to be making healthy meals.  I added some olive oil anyway.  I normally use Kosher salt, pepper, fresh garlic and olive oil for all my veggie grilling and broiling.  Pretty good but next time either marinade the steak longer or like Motorcyle man suggested, “a good flank steak would work better”  The picture looked more like flank than skirt anyway.

So here is the whole lay out of last nights meal before preperation

photo (1)All chopped and lots of compost collected.

photo (2)Although the meat recipe didn’t call for a good marinade, the veggies did.  20 minutes at least in a ziplock bag with the lemon juice thyme (added olive oil) marinade

photo (4)Veggies first on the Q, then the meat and it all cooked very quick.

photo (5)Last night’s meal!

photo (6)I was excited that the onions and zucchini could be from our very own garden.

We also had a knife presentation from our neighbor.  She graduated high school in 2012 and has been attending Cerritos College, this is her first job selling knives and no hard pressure, just good solid presentaton. Belive me, we  WANTED all those sharp knives but our bank account just will not allow.  We are still using our nice set of German knives from way back when, a Christmas gift from my parents.  But these Cutco knives.  Wow.  really good stuff.

photo (7)

Those are our “best” knives up there.  Didn’t hold a candle to her Cutco knives and their mad abilites to cut nice and easy.

photo (9)We cut all sorts of stuff, rope, leather, pennies, bread and veggies.

Someone is studying and gearing up for their first day of work.  He also had to go buy non skid shoes and some black dickies.  He is supposed to be out doing that now.

photo (8)Probably not going to be his ideal job, considering he still is not eating meat but he isn’t complaining, he is so happy he landed this job.  It’s ironically the very first application he filled out and turned in.

One thought on “Itchy legs and mid week meals

  1. Wow! A raspberry! I have never tried to grow them. Your sister has them growing wild in her backyard in France. It was my first time to ever see them growing. I love them, my favorite berry.

    Always remember when you start having those dark times. You have good health, your children have good health and you husband is in good health. Think about the people who do not. You are so blessed to have the great little family that you have.. Enjoy every hour of every day, some day they will be out on their own.

    The dinner looked healthy.

    Love you D-1

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